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We are driving health equity by developing medical imaging solutions innovations for hard-to-reach regions.

Artificial Intelligence

Most validated CAD available

CAD4TB is the first-ever CAD for TB screening that helps non-experts detect TB accurately.

Portable X-ray

Portable X-ray

Redefining mobility in systematic TB screening

Experience high-quality TB screening in low-resource settings with these portable X-ray systems (pdX).


Mobile X-ray

Operational efficiency in diverse medical settings

Meet the Delft MAC series – advanced, easily transportable digital X-ray units perfectly tailored to your needs.

Stationary X-ray

Stationary X-ray

CAD4TB-compatible solutions

Our affordable and reliable stationary X-ray solutions offer unlimited daily high-resolution exposures and power pack.

Mobile clinics

Mobile Clinics

Bringing TB screening to remote regions with ease

The all-in-one OneStopTB clinic is made for on-site mass screening, ensuring continuous screening at lower costs.



AI for Pregnancy Screening with Ultrasound

BabyChecker is Artificial Intelligence (AI) that identifies risks in pregnancy from ultrasound scans.

We believe that every man, woman
and child should benefit from advances in healthcare
– regardless of where they live.

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At Delft Imaging, we dream of a world where healthcare is a universal right, not a privilege. Through our reliable, cost-effective diagnostic imaging solutions and AI software, we’re driving global health transformations, aiming for a universally healthier future with each innovation.

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