Artificial Intelligence for Pregnancy Screening with Ultrasound

BabyChecker is an artificial intelligence (AI) that identifies risks in pregnancy from ultrasound scans.

BabyChecker AI analyses obstetric ultrasound scans to identify risks in pregnancy. Scans can be easily acquired with a point-of-care ultrasound and by any frontline health worker within 2 minutes.

Everyday, 830 women die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth. (WHO).
86% of the estimated maternal deaths are in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southern Asia.

How It Works

Empowering Health Workers

This video showcases Community Health Workers using the BabyChecker device in a community health centre in the heart of Sierra Leone. Community health centres are the first point of contact for many expectant mothers, especially in rural settings. The BabyChecker mobile application guides health workers through the 6-sweeps, and provides information about gestational age, fetal presentation and placenta localization within seconds.

How? BabyChecker is powered by Artificial Intelligence. BabyChecker’s AI can analyse the images acquired by the 6-sweeps to determine potential risk factors. With BabyChecker, health workers can quickly spot potential complications, directing mothers to further care as needed.

Our mission: To reduce maternal mortality globally by making ultrasound technology accessible and user-friendly, wherever it’s needed most.

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Our Presence

Our BabyChecker tool is not just an innovative concept—it’s already making a difference at community health centres in various countries where maternal mortality is a problem. These initiatives represent our unwavering commitment to improving maternal health outcomes.

Furthermore, we’re thrilled to announce that BabyChecker has been prominently featured in the UN Innovation Update 2023! This recognition underscores the groundbreaking impact of BabyChecker and its pivotal role in advancing maternal healthcare on a global scale.




UNFPA Honduras

Sierra Leone

Mansaray Foundation

Sierra Leone

Lion Heart Foundation

Sierra Leone

Jericho Road Community Health Center

Sierra Leone





Dawa Health

Collaborator Stories

We are grateful for the array of esteemed speakers who have shared their insights on using BabyChecker. Their expert opinions have enriched the collective knowledge of the wider audience, helping us explore the pressing challenges that healthcare systems face in marginalized regions and how AI-assisted POCUS can break down those barriers. Check out the videos to dive deeper into these discussions!

Karlin Bacher – Using Technology to Leapfrog Gaps Present in Global Health

Sofia Sappia – Automatic detection of risky pregnancies in low-resource settings: developing the BabyChecker

Irene de Vries – Beyond Medical Effectiveness: What Patients, Providers, and Health Systems Need

Jose Manuel Perez – The BabyChecker Journey in Honduras