Tuberculosis (TB) & Our Lung Heath Solutions

Tuberculosis (TB) poses a major health challenge worldwide, causing 1.3 million deaths in 2022. It can be even more devastating than HIV. TB is most prevalent in regions like Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Western Pacific, presenting a formidable health hurdle.

At Delft Imaging, we recognise the urgency of detecting and managing TB effectively. We are dedicated to developing advanced lung health solutions that enhance TB screening. Explore our Lung Health innovations to discover new tools and technologies that revolutionise our approach to TB and lung health. We aim to create a world where TB isn’t detrimental.


World’s first CAD software for TB screening. Designed to help non-experts detect TB more accurately and cost-effectively. CAD4TB is currently used in over 70 countries, screening over 20 million people globally.

Digital X-rays

Delft provides a complete range of affordable and reliable equipment that is specifically made to perform under challenging conditions. This range includes our portable Delft Ultra & Delft Light systems, and our stationary EasyDR system for larger screening programs.

Mobile Clinics

As all-in-one mobile solutions, Delft’s OneStopTB clinics reach remote, and frequently underserviced, areas with ease. The clinic is equipped with Delft’s CAD4TB technology, a multi-functional X-ray and more, and is designed to screen and diagnose TB in a self-sustaining unit.


The CAD4Silicosis Box is Delft Imaging’s latest innovation in the detection of Silicosis in chest X-rays. Launched last year, this offline solution allows rapid and onsite Silicosis detection without the need for an internet connection. Supported by studies in South Africa, the CAD4Silicosis Box brings efficient and precise screening to the forefront of occupational health.