Cameroon, in 2020, featured a total population of approximately 27 million people. Within its population, 46,000 estimated people developed TB; 5,100 were children. Moreover, there were 23,944 missing people with TB, of which 3,943 were children.

In 2019, the IDA Foundation procured 4 EasyPortable X-ray systems for the Ministry of Public Health in Cameroon (CENAME), together with installation, training and maintenance services.

Making a difference

In 2019, a study using CAD4TB found that using artificial intelligence solutions like CAD4TB to read chest X-rays could reduce the number of Xpert MTB/RIF tests needed by 66% while maintaining sensitivity at 95% or better. It concluded that CAD solutions should be considered by TB programs where human resources are constrained, and automated technology is available.