Gambia had a total population of approximately 2.4 million people in 2020. At that time, an estimated 3,800 people developed TB that year. Among them, 390 were children. Moreover, there were 1,395 missing people with TB (of which 250 were children).

In 2012, we delivered three portable X-ray systems (Atomed), including a national PACS and CAD4TB artificial intelligence system. The solutions were used for the national tuberculosis prevalence survey conducted by the Gambia National Tuberculosis Program.

In 2021, Delft Imaging delivered two mobile MAC X-ray systems to the Management Research Council Unit, part of the London School of Hygiene and Tropic Medicine. The X-ray systems came with wall bucky stands, X-ray tables, power packs and also the necessary training and installation services. CAD4TB, the artificial intelligence software used to detect TB-related abnormalities on chest X-rays, was also delivered for each X-ray system. Over the following years, additional CAD4TB readings were procured for the project.

In 2024, we deployed an EasyDR with a bed and CAD4TB to a hospital in Gambia. It will ensure that x-ray facilities, including TB screening, are uninterrupted.