Computer-Aided Detection for Tuberculosis

CAD4TB is a rigorously validated software, designed to assist users in detecting presumptive TB swiftly, accurately and cost-effectively.

CE certified

Easy to interpret the results

Fast analysis (within 5 secs)

Proven to outperform trained human readers

Has screened over 30M people in 80+ countries globally

  • Endorsed by WHO

  • CE certified

  • Easy to interpret the results

  • Fast analysis (within 5 secs)

  • Proven to outperform trained human readers

  • Has screened over 20M people in 65+ countries globally

CAD4TB: How does it work?

The CAD4TB system
  • Quickly analyses posterior-anterior chest X-ray images.
  • Processes images from different X-ray manufacturers.
  • Utilises state-of-the-art deep learning models to provide the output results.
  • Trained in a large dataset of images from various sites and countries.
  • Developed and trained based on bacteriological reference.
CAD4TB input
  • Posterior-anterior chest X-ray image (subject of > 4 years).
CAD4TB outputs
  • Provides a tuberculosis score ranging from 0 to 100 indicating the likelihood.
  • Indicates the likelihood of tuberculosis presence in the person shown in the image.
  • Generates a heatmap indicating abnormal areas consistent with tuberculosis.
  • Displays the heatmap as a colored overlay on the original chest X-ray images.

CAD4Silicosis is also available as an extra module for rapid detection of silicosis-related abnormalities.

CAD4TBbox & CAD4TBcloud

CAD4TB is available in both offline (CAD4TBbox) and online (CAD4TBcloud) solutions. CAD4TBbox enables on-site processing of chest radiography images. It is directly connected to the radiography system and serves as an ideal solution in the absence of, or insufficient reliability of, an internet connection. The images can be later synchronized to CAD4TBcloud as soon as an internet connection becomes available.

CAD4TB in the cloud:
  • Accessible when a reliable internet connection is available.
  • Integrated into a web-based platform.
  • Users from around the world can upload chest radiography images to a dedicated website.
  • Facilitates rapid tuberculosis screening.
CAD4TB Image Analysis:
  • Generates a score and a heatmap indicating the likelihood of tuberculosis presence.
  • The results can be viewed on a secure server using an internet-connected device (laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.) and a web browser.

*CAD4Silicosis can also be provided in a box solution for offline interpretation.

Data agility with CAD4TB Platform

Evolving from paper-based to digitalised data management using one platform is key to further making the TB screening process efficient. Therefore, we introduce the CAD4TB Platform with SAM (Screening-Analytics-Management) functionalities as an add-on to the CAD4TB AI software.

 Features of CAD4TB Platform

The CAD4TB platform provides modules for patient registration, symptoms registration, and reporting including individual report and dashboards. It digitizes the TB screening process and provides valuable and targeted insights, including gender, age demographics and CAD4TB scores.

Data governance for successful adoption of digital TB screening

The CAD4TB platform enables TB programs to rapidly screen risk groups and support prevalence surveys while simultaneously collecting digitized data and information into one platform. Thus, it facilitates and simplifies data governance and optimizes the successful adoption of digital TB screening systems. The SAM  functionalities contribute to data quality and integrity while avoiding data fragmentation. It also enables data access from multiple locations: by providing connectivity with other data systems at the national level, SAM can serve as the first data entry point for health workers at the community level, thereby ensuring that National TB Programs can access aggregated data and dashboards.

Click here to learn about Data-driven TB control with CAD4TB platform

CAD4TB Platform

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CAD4TB is the most rigorously evaluated and used AI-powered CAD software for TB detection .

Bi-directional Tuberculosis/COVID-19 Screening

The COVID-19 pandemic is threatening the global goals to fight to end TB by 2030. Thereupon, the importance to implement prioritized mitigation measures and innovations for TB programs have been indicated from across the globe. This includes prioritizing bi-directional screening/testing for TB and COVID-19, using X-ray with CAD (computer-aided detection).

At the start of the pandemic, we developed CAD4COVID which uses the same technical core and quality standard as our proven CAD4TB software. With years of digital X-ray and CAD field implementation expertise, our response to the bi-directional screening equation pertaining to TB and COVID-19 is apparent.

Procuring CAD4TB via GDF Diagnostics Catalogue

The Stop TB Partnership’s Global Drug Facility (GDF) announced the inclusion of ultra-portable digital X-ray systems and software packages for the computer-aided detection (CAD) of tuberculosis (TB) based on AI. These TB combat tools will be made available at a reduced cost to all TB programs around the globe. We are proud to announce that CAD4TB can now be easily procured through the Diagnostics Catalogue of GDF at a pre-negotiated price.

CAD4TB in Practice

Real-World Applications in TB Programmes for Impact

This document seeks to facilitate the optimal use of CAD4TB by considering clinical needs, local infrastructure, operational environments, human resources, budgets, and total cost of ownership.

Total Solution for TB & Lung Health Screening

Training, Support and Maintenance

We ensure uninterrupted operations, maximum uptime, and efficiency with a predictable total cost of ownership. Our qualified expert teams offer training, installation and reliable services & maintenance. This includes a 24/7 helpdesk with experienced engineers across time zones.

Single Point of Contact for Integrated Services

Procuring Delft’s X-ray systems and CAD software together simplifies project management with integrated training, installation, and support. Clients have a single point of contact for streamlined delivery, after-sales, and maintenance for implementation support. This will contribute to reduced total cost of ownership and enhance productivity and impact.

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