Welcome to Delft Imaging’s newsroom, where we provide essential resources to support the press in sharing our story of innovation & collaboration.

Media Kit

Welcome to the Delft Imaging Media Toolkit. Our goal is to provide you with essential resources and insights to effectively communicate the innovative work we’re doing at Delft Imaging. Inside this toolkit, you’ll find high-resolution images, logos, and other resources to aid your storytelling.

We’ve carefully curated these materials to ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of our mission and the impact of our work in healthcare, technology, and sustainability. We invite you to explore these resources and share the story of Delft Imaging with your audience.

In the Media Kit, you’ll find:

  • Logos
  • High resolution images per product
  • Product photography
  • Videos & News clips

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Media Use Guidelines

These guidelines are designed to help Delft Imaging employees, partners, and clients make appropriate decisions when managing and/or developing media initiatives on behalf of the company.

Moreover, this document is designed to map out general considerations. It does not provide specific guidance on planning, content, measurement or other topics related to the successful execution of a media initiative.

Download the full instruction here.

Contact Information

For press opportunities, please email marketing@delft.care

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