Nepal, in 2020, had a population of approximately 29 million people. In that same year, an estimated 69,000 people developed TB. Among them, 5,100 were children. Moreover, there were 47,718 missing people with TB, of which 3,481 were children.

In 2016, Delft Imaging collaborated with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) on the implementation of the CAD4TB artificial intelligence software in Nepal. CAD4TB analyses chest X-rays to automatically detect abnormalities in the lungs that are indicative of TB.

In 2023, the Ministry of Health and Population in Nepal procured 3 Delft Light portable backpack X-ray systems and the CAD4TB artificial intelligence software to support the National Tuberculosis Program with the screening and triage of TB within the country.

In 2024, we provided six Delft Light, including CAD4TB software to Nepal to facilitate TB screening in the landlocked country.

Making a difference

In late 2019, a study was published on using CAD solutions, including CAD4TB. The study showed that CAD4TB met the target product profile (accuracy) target for a community-based triage test and noted that implementers considering using artificial intelligence solutions for the detection of TB-related abnormalities (like CAD4TB) should take into consideration other factors apart from the AI algorithm like service, ease-of-use, maintenance and price. It also concluded that artificial intelligence solutions like CAD4TB could potentially increase capacity and aid TB diagnosis, especially in settings with a shortage of trained human readers.