A high TB-HIV burden country; of the 90 thousand TB patients in Uganda, 12 thousand are children. Additionally, about a quarter of the TB cases are presumed to be missing.

Keeping this in mind, the National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Programme (NTLP) focused on the use of portable digital X-rays with AI software for TB screening. They can help provide diagnostic facilities, not only in high-TB burden districts but also for community outreach.

In 2018, the IDA Foundation procured five Delft Light backpack portable X-ray systems with CAD4TB software. Later, in 2020, 2 more Delft Lighter with CAD4TB software was procured by the DAHW and used in collaboration with the Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau. Witnessing the impact on the field, ten more Delft Light with CAD4TB were procured. While five were acquired under the introducing New Tools Project (iNTP) by the StopTB Partnership, the other five were provided through the Partnership for Supply Chain Management (PFSCM).

Besides portable X-ray systems and CAD4TB software, the NTLP secured two mobile TB screening clinics from Delft Imaging in 2021. Facilitated through the UNOPS, each clinic featured an EasyDR multi-functional X-ray and the CAD4TB software. They secured three more mobile TB screening clinics in the latter half of the year.

The installed base of Delft Imaging solutions in Uganda covers 17 portable X-ray systems, five mobile OneStopTB clinics (with stationary EasyDR X-ray systems) and 23 CAD4TB installations. For more information on our activities in Uganda, please see our flagship project page.