The 2015 WHO report claimed that about 67% of all new TB cases remain undetected. Yet, interestingly, Ghana also has a substantial 85% of curing known cases. In 2020, Ghana had a total population of 31 million people. In that year, there were an estimated 44,000 people who developed TB. Among them, 6,600 were children. Moreover, there were 31,326 missing people with TB (of which 5,988 were children).

To support its activities in Ghana, Delft Imaging also has a local subsidiary in the country: Delft Imaging Ghana. The office, staffed with engineers, IT- and application specialists and radiographers, supports the activities of Delft Imaging in Ghana and across the countries.

The installed base of our solutions in Ghana covers nearly 60 stationary EasyDR X-ray systems, two mobile X-ray systems, 20 Delft Light portable backpack X-ray systems and over 85 sites using CAD4TB.

For more information about this flagship project, visit our flagship project page in Ghana.